Featured image of post The Weakened and the Mind
Featured image of post The Weakened and the Mind

The Weakened and the Mind

I want to disappear.

Not forever, only for a little while. 
I want to be invisible, but still, walk around.
I want that one person to feel my presence. 
But I don’t want the rest to notice I am nearby. 

I want to live.
Without being watched.
Though, I want to be seen.

I know that is fear.
But that is what I feel.

They tell you, you just have to be brave. 

Not them. No. I mean THEY!

As if they were not the ones who made the world a dangerous place.

I do dare. 
For me and for her. 
But I know they are waiting for us to fail. 

For failure, I do not care.

I know that is how I learn. 

Though, the world doesn’t understand
that there are those who are weak
and those who’ve been weakened. 

And even if it feels strange,
you’ll have to be protected,
and you’ll have to protect.

From them. I mean, from THEY. 

It is difficult to know who are they.
I don’t want to distrust every single one. 
But again,
I struggle to see the difference
which never got taught
so we could be manipulated easily.

I am not saying I will bail.

Though, I would appreciate a little break.

I know you do, too. So I’ve heard.

We are way too many to be called rare. 
But we are mostly focused on how to create.
And they are experts in the destruction game. 
I’m not sure they are even aware. 

And if they were…
That doesn’t mean they want to change. 

They don’t want to be replaced.
They will cling to that privilege.
A position they don’t know how to earn. 

Is willing to abuse a privilege?

Under the law of the jungle it would be,
they say.

And that is what remains. 
Cities and technology built by apes
with no hearts and no brains.
While the poor, harmless, and naïve
fights to share their elixir
to satisfy a wish to belong
and to defend a right to exist.

So don’t dare you judge those who dissociate
for them wanting to simply escape
from a constant nebulous of hate.

Appreciate true authenticity.
Even if it’s lame.

Nobody judges the astronaut who leaves Earth. 
Why would you judge the mind that flies away?

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