Featured image of post Gems and Weeds
Featured image of post Gems and Weeds

Gems and Weeds

A poem to patience in friendship

Don’t you dare break into my soul

looking for gems that can be sold

to warm yourself up when it’s cold

and forget about me when you find a clear road.

Indeed, I do set a high prize

for those who want to see my inside,

but you have to understand

so many times has it been vandalized!

that loneliness feels safer than being advised

with sharp words in a disguised.

So, yes, please,

have a bit of patience with me

while I untangle all these weeds

and find the right strings

for playing the emotions I feel.

I can’t promise you anything

special or interesting,

but I vow to you I will

put an effort towards honesty.

I hope that’s enough for a friendship.

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